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Structurade Cable

Structurade Cable

Why the most important thing in the network It's the wiring, do not entrust it to newbies!


In RedCorp / structured cabling we know that cabling will be the backbone of the voice and data network, that's why when it comes to quality in the transmission signal RedCorp helps you choose the best solution in the market and looking for your company obtain the best Cost-Benefit ratio.

In RedCorp / Structured Cabling respects the homologation of brands based on the guidelines of your corporate is why RedCorp offers a wide range of solutions for you to choose the one that is already proven by your company or advise you to implement other technologies.


When the project is a race against the clock in RedCorp we know how to implement its wiring Just in time.

We are certified in:


● Reinstallations of wiring.

● Changes, movements and applications.

● Update of obsolete cabling systems to recent technologies.

● Integration of active equipment for networks (hubs, routers or routers bridges, gateways, multiplexers, etc.).

● Analysis of network performance and documentation.

● Systems certification.

● Test and monitor the components of your network.

● On-site services program (Outsourcing).

● Design and installation of structured cabling systems for:

* Voice (category 3 onwards), Data (category 5, 5e, 6, Fiber Optics, etc.), Video (multifunction wiring voice data or video in the same medium).

● Energy (Load balancing, physical grounds, electrical circuits, etc.).



● Crews trained in time management.

● Mid-Night Service Projects 25 Hrs.

● Completion of work ahead of time.

● Qualified and certified labor.

● Projects certified by the manufacturer.

● Manufacturer's warranty for up to 25 years.

3 levels of service:


● Attention to small businesses (SMEs).

● Corporate Attention (Certified projects and complex networks).

● Maintenance contracts and performance tests.



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Structured Cable

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